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Monday, January 01, 2007

Fun with Photoshop

New year, new show. Temp poster pre-publicity photos (official). Praise God for His mercy.

It's curious. I had somehow, in my naivite, thought that perhaps I should simply avoid this sort of situation forever. Things would happen to other people, and I shouldn't ever become involved. I recall in high school writing that I stood always on the fringes of society - watching, but not being really involved. And now I find myself involved, drawn in (although not within, rather in but not of) and it seems as though the years stretch before me - terrible and unchartered and full of dangers. I sound more dour than I mean. I am being purposely obscure. It just is weighing on my mind that people do change, and not always for the better - and that our sole purpose here on earth is to reach Heaven and to bring others with us. Oh, but it is a long, long road. Praise God, praise God, praise God - now and forever, amen!

Mood: Hadatchy
Music: "Summer rain...leave all this misery behind!" from a song from The Last Kiss - good lyrics!
Thought: Last night's party was very, very good. Happy day! Thank God for another new year. And happy feasts of the Holy Family and of our Lady! Wonderful mass yesterday. It was good to be with Him. I'm not enough.


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