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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Old Friends

Moments before mass.... I was working on a song on the piano, surprisingly in the key of C that begins with an equally surprising ninth, and so was in a contemplative mood when I glanced at my CD's for which would accompany my morning movements. My eye lighted upon the 10th Anniversary CD's of Les Miserables which I haven't truly listened to in years. I've stuck it on in the past several years, true, but I haven't really savoured the music in years. Oooooooooooooooooh, rapture. I'm doing the good parts version (aka the arias) and, beginning on disc two, listened to Lea Salonga's well-dictioned "On My Own" (I'd forgotten how beautiful and heartwrenching that song is), her duet with Michael Ball on "A Little Fall of Rain" (one day I will direct this!), and just now Colm Wilkenson's "Bring Him Home" and the post-barricade clarinet seranade of the same theme over the most delicate pizzicato strings. Loveliness.

Mood: Le sigh
Music: Have you missed the above?
Amusement is: Being woken by Mum and Jules harmonizing to the "Gloria" very nicely over a very-not-so-nicely dying casio. Aaaaugh. Must needs get a better sounding upstairs instrument...!


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