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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oh, Happy Day

15 minutes of Hamlet more or less satisfactorily edited! That's approximately 1/12 of the *play* (not the DVD - extras take FOREVER) finished! Yay! Have just finished "O that this too too sullied" and am about to have Hamlet say to Horatia, "Would that I had seen my dearest foe in Heaven" - but I need a long shot and I don't seem to have one. Must needs look at rehearsal footage. Otherwise, went back and redid all the sound - redubbed for Mom's footage with Courmier's sound half the time. Am still of two minds about crunching the blacks (level) on Mom's video to approximate high def. of Courmier's equippment.... Need to see it on something other than a computer screen.

I am somewhere around the above. And now, precious, we sleeps.

Mood: Pas mal, merci
Music: None - Hamet-brained. Howsomever, I dug out my Frou-Frou album Let Go and played that quite a bit. Mostly because....
Drumrollworthy: Jules has painted this gorgeous Madonna on her wall. The only stinky part? It's on her wall. It's non-displayable except to herself. Oh, it's digitally photographable, sure - but the real deal is so full of vibrancy that a photo will be insufficient. J'aime ma soeur!
Explanation: The reason why Jules' latest portrait and Imogen Heap go together is because Jules had the Narnia soundtrack on, and it was on the aforementioned artist's (Imogen, not Julie's!) contribution to the ending credits, which made me say to myself, "Myself, why have we not dug out and listened to the Frou-Frou album in a while?" Which is why I dug out said album and listened to it for a while. And then I found five dollars.


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