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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Is it still abduction

When you not only ask first, but go in the abductee's car? Anywho, abduted Jules to B&N for meandering, listening to CD's, purchasing the Beatrice and Snicket Letters (better and better!), settling down in Starbucks for pumpkin bread and conversation (surrealismsurrealism...sadness, sadness, heartfelt pain), then back home by the incredibly circuitous route that brings us by way of Sudbury and Westborough, all the whilst listening to punk remixes of 80's classics (and discovering the milieu for As You Like It). All good, good, good.

Was going to edit tonight, but may curl up with the end of The Fourth Bear, the Snicket files and Entertainment Weekly instead. Chorus at lunch tomorrow - good times. Poetry for obscurity is required. Watching from underwater - tin can voices and the sensation of flyfalling.

Oh. And I'm nearly done with Act I. Finished up through "O all ye hosts of Heaven" last night. Good stuff. Yay for amazing videography esp. the final night - fantastic shots. A few video captures for kicks and giggles.

Mood: Sleepy. (Dopey! Doc!)
Music: "Torn"
Excuses, excuses: Jennie - tried to get Jules' painting on web, but networking computers are being a pain. Will come eventually!


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