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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fine, fine

In a fit of commanded solipsism (a la Lauryl ;P), some Ireland photos, avec moi et ma soeur. You can see the whole album here: Ireland 2006. I'll put the photos I like best below.

Had the first official drama meeting today. Or shall I say, melee? Am getting fairly excited about one-acts - it's nice in some cases to do just the "good parts versions" of plays (those scenes that one does the play for). Am also completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of new faces. And yet, still, I keep feeling as though I'm missing folk - I am, of course, missing folk. But it's rather like an amputation where the shadowlimb is still very present and seems tantalizingly tangible. Dancing in prep for Frosh dance tomorrow - Lord save us! And thanks to all for the prayers concerning recent events. And a special shout out to Krissy-tina and Sharon for well-wishes.

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Music: Philip Glass - reflectiveness
Going To: POTC:DMC tonight with Jules. She wants to see it in the theatres again before it's gone from the big screen.
And now for something completely different: Or simply long-awaited - Ireland photos.

Jules being beautiful by a Holy Well.

One of my favorite places, Glendalaugh. I could have stayed there for hours, simply being.

And here you can see why I wanted to stay!

Although Dublin wasn't bad, either! Me and my boy, Oscar Wilde.

Except for the silly statuary. "Do you see yonder a statue that's almost in the shape of a camel? Methinks it is like a weasel. Or like a WHAAAAAAAALE." Jules is being a weasel. I'm being a whale. So is the statue.

And this one's for Maureen, and this one's for Ryan, and this one's for Mrs. Kane via Kristen, and this one is for Sister Kathleen thanks to Julie.

And the remainder are simply because I'm theatre obsessed. The luminous Audra as the Player Queen and the ever-eventful Rosencrantz and tolerant Guildenstern with who else but the trigger happy Hamlet?


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