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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bullet(in) Update

  • My brain is on Muppet's Update Anchor Man - y'know, the fellow who always has something/one/cow fall on him just as he's in the middle of announcing rogue things/ones/cows are on the loose. Anywho...!

  • The classroom is looking spiffy, which is wonderful. There are (drumroll please) actual bulletin boards, and I've expanded my reach (cue swirling black vortex) to the bulletin board outside my classroom as well. The board by my desk is for myself - complete with Sacred Heart, Shakespeare and St. Julian of Norwich quote, pre-Raphaelite rendition of Mediaeval times, and pink roses. The drama/music board is up, and several pieces of play memorabilia are strewn tastefully throughout the room. I'm actually liking the room more and more. Certainly, I think it may be larger than the last, and is not carpeted, which will help with staging/choreographing Guys and Dolls.

  • Watched with mia familia The Producers tonight - the movie of the play of the movie. While it's hardly a perfect musical, and some bits were edited for Mum, we all got HUUUUGE laughs out of it - esp. in re: identifying ourselves within the context of the show. Poor Mum - folks don't know, really, what she goes through to get these productions up and running. Of course, we probably trade off being Leo and Max, but it's all good. Happy day.

  • Am cantoring at the 11:30 and then lectoring at the 5:00 tomorrow. I guess I need it! Hopefully, if all goes well, after next week's five, we'll all be going out to Outback - which will be nice, and present enough. (Genug - curious that that word does seem like its English counterpart. And the randominity just keeps coming.)

  • Am in a slightly dilemma (for Jules: Dilemma! DEEELEEEEEEMMAAAAAAAH!) re: the visuals vs. the sound in the tapes I have of Hamlet. Sometimes the best take is night one, when I only have crummy sound, and all the other nights I have to do all sorts of finagling to take the sound from one and the visual from the other and cue it all together and...sigh. C'est ca. What can one do? Have the main camera closer to the stage, apparently. La.

  • Everything continues slightly surreal. I thank God for Wednesday evening. And for colleague neighbors who are becoming more and more delightful to chat with. And for brothers who help move things from here to ridiculous there by the most stairful and circuitous route possible.

    Mood: Ponder-y
    Music: Mental "We Can Do It" from The Producers
    Hope: And all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well....


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