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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Enjoys Long Walks the local cemetary... the afternoon...

...with her brother....

(Hrm, may need to seriously rewrite that!) No, but in good sooth, went for a stroll with Johnny down and around the neighbourhood, even going into Maplewood cemetary, all the way to the non-existant trees (sniff sniff - d--n houses and their gorgeous tree-felling nefariousness! I sound silly; I'm actually ridiculously miffed. One doesn't do that to trees that are huge oaks and grown over a stone wall. Honestly, people! Some sense of aesthetics and wonder!) and back. Going to confession and mass later today. Need to get there muchly - which is why I'm dragging my metaphorical feet - which is why I must get there more urgently. Reading The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett - goooooooooooooood stuff. Since I have no impending deadlines on me, am bored to my gourd. (What an odd phrase - I wonder where it came from other than its inherent rhyming properties?) Am transferring over files, etc. to make room to download Hamlet footage. God bless the Courmiers! Saw Step Up yesterday - obvious fluff but fun. Got me belting out "Luck Be a Lady" on the drive home. In driving lately, am reminded of just how beautiful Massachusetts can be. Must not lose goodness of walk. Dear Lord - amen! Keep Your Hand over me - amen! Lest I betray You with a kiss - amen! Praise God from whom all blessings flow - amen! And there art thou happy, silly little Emily - a-double-men! (Looks, briefly, like abdomen. Isn't eyesight to brainsight weird?)

Mood: In Him
Music: Hamlet Definitive Act II (aka post-intermission) - probably isn't helping anything!
Prayer: Oh, Lord, for motivation! Amen!


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