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Monday, August 28, 2006

So it begins

Have downloaded all the performance tapes of Hamlet - the little ones, the whole show; ours, just the first half. A bit concerned about space. May need another external HD. C'est ca. Finances, finances. Had loverly dinner with Jills and Jules last night at Fridays (what does it mean when the wait staff recognizes you...?) - good to get out. Today and tomorrow, then Wednesday. Must finish up last bits of curriculum. And in further randominity, our Cardinal Sean O'Malley is wonderful. Lord, bless him. Amen.

Sorry this is so full of - ridicklwacklness. As for pictures, they're on the upstairs computer, which I can't currently access through the network for some obscure reason. Eventually, precious. Sunny today. Alleluia.

Music: White Houses
Mood: Mieux
Thought: So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson - don't ask. It's a complete non sequiteur....


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