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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

About to slumber

But thought I'd first let all know that the Via Dolorosa to "This is the Air I Breathe" from this past Lent's Passion is up on YouTube.

Freshman day tomorrow, as well as the bell-skit rehearsal. Pooh rehearsal tonight went well. Walk in the park - tiddelypom! Still at odds a bit. C'est ca. C'est commencement d'annee d'ecole, n'est-ce pas?

Anywho, off to sleep and slumber....

Mood: Pas mal
Music: Above song on mental jutebox
New Song! I almost forgot - I think I finally finished up the last verse of the song that was going to be sung by Christian in Nutcracker and which may still find its way into the next revision of the play, if it doesn't insinuate itself into either Snow Queen or Little Matchgirl instead. Anywho, lyrics are as follows:

It was snowing the day that my father said,
"Son, it's time that you became a man."
And he opened the door to a glittering world
And I never looked back again

For those things I had longed for, like shifting Northern Lights -
Honor, wealth, reknown, glory and fame -
They were mine in abundance like frost at first light...
And frail as the frost in the first summer rain.

It was snowing the day when my childhood died
And I stepped in the steps he had trod
And he called out my name as he raised the champagne
And he spoke of Country and God

And he called me a man, put a sword in my hand
And bravely I answered the call...
But it's strange that such love should be bound up in blood -
Or to rise, other men must fall.

So you ask if I miss all the things in this room,
Or if knowledge was worth the cost.
Well, honor and fame can be pawned and regained -
But an innocence sold, is an innocence lost.

It was snowing today; it's still snowing tonight -
But perhaps it will light with the dawn.
So I turned back to see what remained of me...
And I saw all my footprints were gone.

How long had I lingered inside of this storm?
Where it's white - and it's pure - and it's cold.
And I dreamed of a time when my heart was still warm -
And a place where we'd never grow old.


Blogger Lauryl said...

love-love-loved your ireland photos! you look so good. i had no idea you and your sister looked so much alike- wow! ta ta, love.

12:31 AM  

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