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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sent by the beloved Southern Belle

(Whatever shall we call you when you finagle your way back up? ;)

Check out the hilarious's take on POTC:DMC. (You can tell that a movie has hit true fandom when it's referred to only by its initials.)

Mood: Meh. Getting together stuffish for the day - to do list a mile long....
Music: POTC:DMC *eep*
Happiness is: Hans Zimmer being the actual main composer for this album. Oh, my darling Hans! You're back! And you even do aural "omages" to your Muppet Treasure Island!!! Oh, the sweetness! The extended musical leitmotifs! The use of instruments beyond the brass! Happy day! Good CD. Go. Buy. NOW.
Schedule is: Do work; rehearse early; finish work; sleep; wake at impossible hour; drive Bible Study Ladies to Providence Airport; rush back; first voice lesson with Tambre (hurrah!); collapse; wake; realize I don't have to block after all; rejoice; rehearse; collapse - or else obsessively stay awake downloading video then collapse; wake just in time to; film; lessons; possibly movie abroad possibly movie at home; meander; miss Mom; and maybe even drag Jules out somewhere. Yup.


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