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Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's like the day when

I passed by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Tommy More and He put the conviction of joining Bellwether in my heart. Lord - if it is Your Will, give me strength, joy, peace and more than all these fortitude - lots and lots of fortitude. Lord, how do I do this? Please open the doors. Amen.

Your Spirituality Type: PATH OF INTELLECT
(Thomistic prayer)

(from Vision Guide magazine)

About 12 percent of the population follows this path, using the syllogistic method of Saint Thomas Aquinas known as Scholastic prayer.

The main emphasis is on the orderly progression of thought from cause to effect. People of this prayer type prefer neat, orderly forms of the spiritual life, as opposed to the free-spirit, impulsive attitude of the Franciscan approach. Their spirituality is centered on the earnest pursuit of all the transcendental values: truth, goodness, beauty, unity, love, life, and spirit. Like Saint Teresa of Avila, they are willing to exert superhuman effort to achieve their goal.

Because of their disdain for second best, they seek total truth and authenticity in their lives and work hard to reach the whole truth about themselves, about God, and about sanctity. This intense pursuit of truth colors their whole spiritual life.

Books of prayer frequently call the Thomistic method of prayer 'discursive meditation.' In this type of prayer, one takes a virtue or fault or theological truth and studied it from every possible angle. Change of behavior is an essential part of this prayer--it doesn't stay at the intellectual level. There is generally a bias against this type of prayer today because it was so much in vogue before Vatican II.

Mood: Celestially militant
Music: Bizarrely "Jumpin' Jumpin" - don't ask
Latest Book: The good parts section of Mother Angelica's biography. Right now I'm at the Denver World Youth Day, which I actually remember watching - I saw that abhominable "Passion" and I saw Mother Angelica standing up afterwards for Our Lord. Alleluia! YES!


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