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Saturday, July 01, 2006

And will he not come again

It's been a very full week, and I am glad for the weekend. Such a full week that included, among other things, singing at an early morning funeral, going to the Chancery, driving to Mystic, CT and going to the acquarium, and having rehearsals all around. Oh, and cantoring for tomorrow morning's mass and trailer checking in about twenty minutes. All good, but tiring. So much so that I fell right asleep, contacts in and all, on the couch yesterday after lessons for about an hour. I only woke up (mentally) when Mom was good enough to let me describe to her the nunnery scene and the continuing dynamic of the newest ought-to-be-royal family of Hamlet, Ophelia, and Canoodle throughout the upcoming mad scene and the past Moustrap scene. I finished by singing "And will he not come again" which I'm stealing from Branagh's version (and which I suspect he stole from the Drury Lane songbook - although I've yet to verify that) and which can be heard here (in part) from Patrick Doyle's Hamlet soundtrack. So in love with that song. Geesh it's all so sad!

Am again toying with making Wallace's Will into a musical after all - one of those 1930's ditties - a fun affair. Howsomever, I'm not sure if the play does want to be a musical or not. I think it could support it, but then again.... Perhaps I'm just trying to make up for the habit I have of having an introduction or a prologue by a major character. Well, no, Christmas Carol doesn't have any such thing, nor did the original version of French Butler - but Nutcracker, King of Fools and to some extent Bearskin all do. Hrm. Perhaps I just ought to give up and let the characters simply set the scene for the audience after all. Let the literari figure out the whys and wherefores after me.

Anywho, off to trailer check. Oh de schoene, oh de schoene, oh de schoene schnitzlebank!

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Thought: Must get on ball for those other items. Oy.


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