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Friday, July 14, 2006

A good skull is hard to find

So, I'll still need to find a really good skull that's neither piratey or celtic. Had a good shoot today - downloaded video - and hung out with Jules speaking about the pirate ship, the Improbable. (Tee hee hee.) This article came out today - which is pretty neat. Terry Pratchett's The Truth is a great book and amazing rerereread. Distracted. Signing off.

Addendum: Or not quite off.... See what happens in such a YouTubed world as ours? Some other Hamlet offerings:

  • Hamlet as Full House.

  • Hamlet as Star Wars.

  • Actually, a cute (garbage bag filled?) synopsis.

  • Well, it's short - as Statler and Waldorf would say (but what is it about doing Star Wars as Hamlet?

  • Not really sure what this has to do with Hamlet - but it's amusing.

  • Once again, not quite sure what quantifies silly string and cardboard as particularly Hamletesque, but we have (surprise surprise) yet another lightsaber.

  • They Die By Night Trailer for Hamlet as a Film Noir - excellently well done, and made me rethink Horatio a bit (or wonder if Hamlet couldn't be redone in the future as a film noir for real...).

  • This one's SO GREAT (no kidding, really, really fantastic) that I'm not only going to link to it - I'm going to EMBED it.

  • This one is not only clever, just - look - at - that - LIGHTING.

  • Gilligan's Island does Hamlet: The Musical - who knew?

  • Oh. Yes. The Simpson's Hamlet.

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    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    yes. but did you ever see *green eggs and hamlet*? hmmm...? (not joking, i swear)

    and in what strange universe are you and i entirely randomly finding ourselves listening to the same songs?

    7:29 PM  
    Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

    No - way. (Green Eggs and Hamlet) Where does one find that, anywho?

    LOL - the universe is conspiring! Run for cover! (No pun intended...hrm.)

    9:13 PM  
    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    at the sweet little "every-movie-you-ever-wanted-to-see-but-thought-wasn't-released-in-the-u.s.-and-yes-we-have-individual-shelves-for-kurasawa-godard-medem-and-yea-verily-even-jan-svankmejer" video store called VisArt. i would bet that we might be able to find a send-able copy for you, though. will keep zee eyeballs peeled.

    by the by, i've been grooving to the stereophonics of late: their version of the tragically hip's "fiddler's green" is (to quote rizzo the rat) "creepy and Woo-Hoo!"

    ciao ciao...

    9:13 PM  

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