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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Had a walk-through

Of MHS's Little Theatre today. The space is going to be more than perfect. ("What a piece of work is man" on the low brick wall; "It is I, Hamlet the Dane!" from the balcony; and an inspirational moment [I think] between Gertrude and Ophelia, repeating Ophelia's last line "To have seen what I have seen" after the nunnery scene.)

I'm only kicking myself that I haven't fully memorized any of the siloloquies myself yet. I totally blank once at the middle section of "who would bear the whips and scorns of time" and get it all turned around with the "who would fardels bear" section of it. Ah ca.

Finished editing Bergomask from MSND. On to bows.

Mood: Pas mal, merci. Anticipatory.
Music: VM
Prayer: Good words, Lord, please - amen. And for the other, too. Amen.


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