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Saturday, April 22, 2006

C'est finis

Actually, c'est finis as of Friday morning around 2 a.m. - but considering that I subsequently got up at 8:30 a.m., went to Mass, and then out for breakfast with wonderful MJK where mucho was discussed in a goodly manner, and then had lesson and then out to American Dreamz (which will be getting a loooooong post/dissertation later today or tomorrow about the nature of using music in telling a story), and then got me into bed by 8 p.m. (rereading Monstrous Regiment by Pratchett) and then to sleep by 9 p.m. - I didn't blog about finishing the rough cut until just now.

But it's done. Hurrah hurrah! The Veronica Mars and Buffy: Seasons 1-3 CD and odd-one-out Sarah Brightman: Time to Say Goodbye saw me through editing. And now to a bit of business on this lovely, reeeeeeeeeeeeLAXing day (huh - that's either completely antithetical or else consummately Emilian), some laundry, some cleaning, some catch with Johnny, and then viewing The Passion for Mom (in the words of American Sweethearts: "My mother says it's the best work I've ever done." Tee hee hee ubersketch director...).

Oh, random dream this morning - long overdue, I suppose, considering that the past two shows have been blessedly anxiety-dream-free - about The Passion. In the dream it was still Friday (yesterday) and for some reason most of my actors for The Passion were with me at St. Mike's. Some weren't there due to work or being elsewhere on vacation. We're all just hanging out in St. Mike's when suddenly people begin streaming in, filling up the whole church, even up to the balcony. I look at them and wonder what in the world is going on, and someone tells me that they're all here for The Passion - they heard or demanded or decided to get us to do a repeat performance. I look at my watch: it's 7 p.m. exactly. Freaking out, I glance about to see who's not there: I'm missing young Mary and Pilate. Turning to someone, I tell them to get those two on the phone and see if they can get them in to the church in 10 minutes. Hustling all the other actors into the sacristy, I tell them to get down to my room and get into make-up and whatever costumes they can find. Then I go back to the mike and tell the audience that a) thank you for coming b) we'll be right with you in ten minutes and c) there's more room in the balcony just follow...the...ushers...who are magically at the doors. (Random thought crosses my mind: are we still collecting donations for the Food Pantry? Did anyone bring anything? Who's organizing this show anyway?) I rush down to my room, realizing as I go that, "Oh s--t, half of my props are at home and I can't get to my attic and back in any less time than half an hour, and oh, S--T half my props are with Grace anyway and...." Fortunately, at that time I wake up, look at the clock, say: "Forget this, I'm sleeping more! It's vacation, yes? And I'm not putting on the Passion again! So - nyah." At which point, slipping back into slumber, I'm right back in the dream and trying to figure out exactly how much time we can afford to stall the audience because the make-up's going to take longer than ten minutes and....

I wake up again and realize that a) I'm not putting on the Passion!!! and b) we lost the crown of thorns in any case and c) perhaps I could borrow them from Grace and....

Oh, silliness abounds. Mom's here for The Viewing. Mmmmmwah!

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