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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

He is alive! He is alive! He is alive! He is ALIVE!!!

I won't, at this moment, directly apologize for the less-ness-ess of this blog. Matchmaker and The Passion will speak for me. Nor do I know when (if) I'll get back into the habit of longish blogs. But for now, a bit of randominity:

  • This made me very very happy. Utter silliness, but 'tis good.

  • The family's been into playing catch this past week. The first few days my pitching arm killed - but it feels much better now. And I'm surprised at the calming zen-ness of throwing and catching a ball. One can see it coming and merely moves the glove to the appropriate place. Then throws the ball with speed to another destination. Very nice. Just spent the better part of an hour and a bit with Jules and Johnny up by the water tower playing catch. Despite my initial protestation, Johnny has me nearly intrigued with the catching of popped throws. Mucho fun and freezing ears.

  • Triduum was beautiful. Holy Thursday was certainly for me the high point - or, as mentioned before, the adoration was - because the wholeness of the Passion we just put on really - not hit me, but was very real. I can't explain it. I couldn't explain it to myself that evening. Other than "yes." Went to the Vigil with Johnny last night. Good to do so. Thrilled to see so many I know at Mass these past few days. All I can think over and over is how much I love my church. There are a million reasons - all of them falling short of why. It's like what Chesterton says in Orthodoxy, "The Eternal Revolution" - when a man fully believes in something, he cannot explain why he should love it. If an alien were to ask a man why he believes in civilization, the man would vainly look about and say things like, "There's the coal scuttle. There's a train schedule." But none of these things are civilization, nor the heart of why he loves it. So in this way, I can give a million and one reasons why to love the church - and none of them are to the heart of it other than "yes" and "love."

  • How does one describe yes? Or describe love? We take them so for granted. They're a priori - known - and only a madman would ask for a reason. It's like asking, "Give me a reason for life. Give me a reason for your arm. Or for thought. Or for the self." The answer is yes. The answer is, because I am loved. The answer is because He Is. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* The warm bathiness of Easter.

  • I'm about to do the Last Supper section of The Passion. About a quarter edited! Yaaaay! And now off to do that....

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    Blogger Lauryl said...

    i don't mind if your posts aren't long... i just like to know that you are alive and haven't fallen off the edge of the world!

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