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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just (Mom's) Thought

As written by me muther.

I was thinking on the way to the grocery store...
New thoughts about the second joyful mystery:

The angel appeared to Zachariah a half year before he appeared to Mary. So there's ol' Zeke maybe writing his experience to Elizabeth, if not that, then maybe hand-motioning it to her. They are living with the new pregnancy. Amazed at that alone. Then appears this long-lost teenage cousin who has had the EXact same experience as Zeke's.

And Mary has the words to express (probably in song) the awesomeness of it all. She probably sang that Magnificat LOTS... after all it's a song/ they were all probably humming it for the next 3 months. At least the ladies were!

So, my new thought or idea that I was meditating on as I was in agony with this dang sciatica and driving to the store (I guess the Lord is present in our pain, eh?)... so the image I had in my mind's eye was that of Zachariah and his knowing nods to Mary. As she would be sharing ALL about the angel, he'd be there motioning with his arms about his own experience too, pointing to his chest (me too, me too), pointing to the sky (an angel, an angel).

But it's Zachariah's smile that I see. His big goofy grin. At last he was vindicated. He was confirmed. "This really DID happen to me," he might have thought, "I'm not dreaming it up."

And then when John's born, there is Zachariah bursting forth with HIS canticle (which we recite every morning in our "Magnificat" magazine, as we do Mary's every evening). His is so much like Mary's. Maybe they even had the same tune. That would be neat.

Just my thought.


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