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Sunday, February 26, 2006

And justice for all

  • Wooooooooooooo! Drew and Cheryl won Dancing with the Stars! Booooooooo, Stacey got third?!??!?! I appreciate the intent behind letting "America vote for their favorite" - but, c'mon people, it oughtn't be a popularity contest - it ought to be a bonafide merit-based competition. Meh meh meh Jerry Rice. Anywho....

  • *plop* Teched woman's hair this week for Grand Duke. Absoposilutely exhausted. Struck today. Realized at mass this morning that we have a show this Wednesday - Ash Wednesday!?!?!?! - mentally "grrred" at Savoyards. Then thought, "Well, I suppose it's better to go out with ashes on one's brow than to stay in."

  • Bodies of water, particularly seen through trees, are beautiful. If moonlight or fog are added, it's lagnappe.

  • Confession. Yes. Good.

    Mood: Pure
    Music: "I'm Free" a la a few months ago
    Thought: Oh, good golly - class tomorrow.


    Blogger Lauryl said...

    congrats with the show... hair is fun. ash wednesday is my favorite service of the year... and it's so cool to go to the grocery store in the evening and see all the other people with the mark on their foreheads!

    6:23 PM  

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