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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Glancing cross-ways at the skies

  • Just got a thingy in the e-mail from Emerson about an open house night for those interested in their grad programs.... *whistles non-chalantly as she sticks her hands in her pockets and tries to out-cool destiny* Huh.

  • Dropped off the harddrive yesterday after finding my way by highways and byways to Rte. 2A in Concord - discovering too late that I could have taken 62 in the whole way without resorting to 117 after all. Honestly. MA. Hopefully should have my official copy by next week.

  • Went to mass today with Mom in Worcester at the Cathedral at noon-ten. Wonderful, much-needed mass. Feast of St. Clare! Woo-hoo! Made me rather weepy as I continued to contemplate. ("I've been thinking about discerning. I don't think we should do it." ;P)

  • Couldn't sleep 'til uber-late last night again. Whereas the previous night my brain was stuffed full of thoughts about how to begin first semester, last night all I could picture was the end of tech-dress for Hamlet. I fear I'm going to be a basketcase. Rather like post-Anathany. But what a way to go.

  • It's downright weird how I simply get certain about some things - major things - and then they happen. Honestly, couldn't I for once get downright certain about trivial things as well? I dither over issues the depth of a cup of tea and then fearlessly sally into multiversal frays. Gack!

  • Must - write - must - write - WHAT - TO - WRITE?!??!?! Argh argh argh.... (And the screen flickers in exasperation: the equivalent of mechanically rolled eyes.)

  • Rented Ice Princess for Jules and I last night whilst the parentals were suffering in the woods at Peter's boyscout camp's Parent's Night thingummy. I enjoyed the movie, actually. Can't think why the reviews were so abysmal about it. It was fun and sweet. Also rented an animated version of The Nutcracker Prince (their title, not mine) which was actually fairly good. Not much that I can steal from it - mostly because what we're saying with the story is pretty different - but it was a good refresher to see how they played with the givens, etc. Also rented Dubarry Was a Lady, which I have yet to see. Dunno if it's at all a worthwhile musical, but regardless I can always fast-forward to the Gene Kelly dancing bits and revel in his amazingness. (Rather like what one does with half of his movies, really. We're all just waiting for him to leap in the air and dazzle us all.)

  • Am now being called for a fitting by Julie of the RenFest dress she's making me. Duty (or Julie) calls. "Adieu, adieu - remember me."

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    Thought: I just got to the Dref bits in Illusion! Tra la tra la!


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