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Friday, August 12, 2005

Brain - aching - aaaarugh

We swears it precious: Tchaikovsky is very possibly going on our Bad List. I don't know that I can listen to Nutcracker too much more before my brain explodes. Not that it's bad...just.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaarugh.

  • Plane tickets bought. Excursion to TX commences last full week of August. Hoopla.

  • Lessons today went well. Helped solidify some thoughts in my brain. Or at least gave anchor to those nebulous areas so that I can deal with them at the proper time.

  • Have set up appt. with the grad. admissions fellow at Emerson for this upcoming Wednesday. Will tour campus immediately preceeding. Must make up a list of questions for the interview. Will most definitely bring some form of resume - both paper and video.

  • Returned Ice Princess tonight and then decided to betake me to Borders to look for an academic calendar so that I can more neatly write out my life in black and white. Whilst there, I discovered a group of musicians in the coffee shop who had these magnificent drums (well, OK, fairly run of the mill bongos and other curiosities - but they were well played! Nothing like rhythm to draw me in!) and were singing in that sort of coffee-house scratchish male voice. Yum. Sat in for a few songs before getting up to wander towards the calendar section. Finally purchased something that'll do well enough and now have the task of filling it in. Reminds me rather of when I had the publicity job at Anathan - second semester, that is - not Kindertransport semester - and did up my calendar during the summer. It was FULL - but it also really helped to know what I had to do each day.

  • I have built me another shrine to Diet Coke by my desk. Can you tell that I've been beating my brain out over Nutcracker? Have gone back and forth on how much I want for a prologue-y type thing for Drosselmeier and whether I want to start with the Overture or with the Waltz of the Flowers and am still wrestling with that. *sigh* I think perhaps I'm far too nitpicky too early. Or perhaps it's just that I do most of my revisions in my head before I commit them to paper? Ich weiss nicht. Anywho....

  • Mtg. with MJ this morning re: next year's retreats. Bless MJ! She is a lifesaver! (Literally - it took up almost all my studies and frees last year to get together all those silly retreats. I'm glad to have most of my work done for me now. Alleluia!)

    SO - LITTLE - TIME!!! SO - MUCH - TO - DO!!!

  • I'd hoped to have both the Nutcracker and the Hamlet promos finished before going back to school - now I don't know if I'll be able to do so. Ah ca. Not a huge deal but it would have been nice to be even more ahead of my game. Perhaps I can drag Pete into being Hamlet after all and do my usual "glimpses of anonymous lead" filming of him. Perhaps on Monday, after he's recovered from Boy Scout camp.

  • Only 11 days left (really) to write this thing!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarugh! Of course, the amusing thing, as I've probably mentioned before, is that folk seem supremely confident in a work that's not anything like finished. (The Unbegun Symphony?) *mumblegrumblemumble*

    And this is getting me nowhere fast. I'll look up a truly horrible Russian name for a character and go to sleep. Confession, hopefully, for me tomorrow! Much in need of the sacrament.

    Mood: Multifarious
    Music: Buckbeak's Theme section of "Mischief Managed" credits music from Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban by John Williams. Le sigh.
    Thought: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarugh!


    Blogger Lauryl said...

    Where in TX are you going? And for what, pray tell? I live so close to that nefarious state, and if gas decides to drop in price anytime soon, I might be able to drive down to "reunion-ite" with you... just a thought. XO

    1:17 PM  
    Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

    Hey, Lau!

    I'm visiting some household sisters (like sorority sisters) just outside of Austin. I'll be there flying in the 23rd and out the 25th (around 2/3 p.m. each day).

    12:29 PM  

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