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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Achievements de moi

  • Pilates workout! Complete with Julie and much groaning at the chipper instructor! See the sedentary Emily display her competitive streak as she does all but one of the exercizes! Mwahahhahahah!

  • Watching Dancing with the Stars - go John, go! (Beautiful, elegant foxtrot - truly a pleasure to watch. Sigh for ballroom dancing.)

  • Begun massive book-putting-away room cleanage. Hrumph. Must actually return to that in a second.

  • Successfully kidnapped Julie for the afternoon, which consisted of Applebees and buying stationary - two activities that normally go together!

  • Found the Metallica Mix Jeff P. made for me! Hoopla! (The joys of cleaning.) However, in so doing - I keep finding stacks of CD's. This is fine - they're CD's I like - but I've already filled up the new cabinet for CD/DVD's, my other old huge shelf is full up, as are the two mini-shelf thingies and.... Argh.

  • Still on the lookout for furniture. Howsomever, I think I have found a means whereby I can shift all my books and A/V stuff down towards the garage and put my beareau, etc. up near me, with the piano and the computer desk staying where they are.

  • How is it that one of my relatives on the upstairs speakerphone is still LOUD enough that I can hear her a level down and on the other side of the house!??!?!?

  • And I made this - just because it came up on the screensaver rotation, I passed by, and said, "By golly! I know what they're really talking about! Oh, my Photoshop of lo-ove!"

    Right - and now back to boxing books and attacking at least one corner. Iron Director, Morimoto! Hi-YA!

    Mood: Upndown
    Music: Aunt Sue loud on the telephone
    Thought: Who's seen "Blecko" one too many times this weekend? Although all kudos to Jules for editing together "The Revenge of Mimi."


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