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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I need a new duck

Or at least a new couch! So some randominity:

  • Furniture is required. And a whole rearrangement of the area down here. Hear the sound of knuckles cracking! Hah!

  • Central air is from God.

  • CORI forms are not. Bah.

  • Season Six of Buffy Wasn't Very Good on many many levels (that's just wrong on SO many levels!). However, the last episode had me weeping at the end - mostly because it finally returned to the Crux of the matter as Evil Willow was trying to destroy the world in order to stop everyone's pain, and Xander saves her by standing in the way as she's throwing all her magic at him trying to kill him first - and he's saying "I love you...I love you" over and over. Regard how the Bride kills the Beloved out of her own pain and how he saves her by simply staying there and taking it. I'm not putting it as eloquently as Christ - or heck, even as Buffy (even if that was almost from mistake - or grace!) - but it's a gorgeous image and certainly being put into the end of Virgin Come Late to the Wedding.

  • Signs still point to "yes." Ought to talk to Sr. Kathleen, it looks. What is my problem trusting Him? Grrr, me.

    Anywho - life is good, God is good, and faux Bollywood music is good!

    Mood: Bof.
    Music: Bride & Prejudice
    Thought: I'm a sucker for a good beat.


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