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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Continuing the grand tradition

Of frequent randominity.

  • Have discovered that in one reimagining of Nutcracker, the Sugar Plum Fairy seduces the Nutcracker away from Clara. Am considering adding this to my Nutcracker which, despite having taken a shower and gone to Borders (not in that order) - two normally Muse-conducive acts - is still only a dozen lines long.

  • Herbal Essence has been much missed. YES I SMELL OF TROPICAL FRUIT! (Not quite as shoutable as ROSES but there one is.)

  • Batman Begins is *amazing*. Definitely twice seen worthy.

  • Going to Portsmouth tomorrow. To the beach. Here's to hoping the gulls don't attack me. As for me, I believe I shall attack the rocks while my sister and Kate pretend that they're not cold in 50 degree water. Ha.

  • Gaelic Storm is coming to Lowell! At the end of August!!! Narf narf!!!!!

  • Hoffman and Tchaikovsky you fools, you fools! Why are you plotless?

  • Returning, briefly, to Batman Begins - it seems that art is finally beginning to reflect the urgent need for true fathers, for stable "traditional" families, for strong male role-models. Yay! (And duh.) Which leads one to ponder if the true act of becoming a man is to become a father...?

  • I have yet to see the new Horatio Hornblowers. I must. Men in uniform cannot go unwatched!

  • It's a wonder my computer screen has withstood my constant head-beatings against it. Work! Work! You girl of very little brain!

    And so good night unto you all....

    Mood: Nnnnnnnnnngh...gonnawriteit...gonnawriteit....
    Music: Nutcracker 'til I'm blue
    Thought: Would it simply be easier to give up and just do a ballet? Drat. See mood above. Apparently somewhat of an obsessive personality is required to bloody-mindedly push through in the arts. Pig-headedness as a desireable personality trait. Oy.


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