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Thursday, June 23, 2005

But by God it's beautiful

When the boy smiles
~ Anna Nalick, "Just Breathe (2 AM)

The Hamlet CD - even incomplete as it stands - is awesome.

And friendships are good. Even 5 AM ones.

As are gorgeous afternoons spent walking and then sitting outside and arguing over whether the maple leaves were upsidedown or not.

As is Clueless to make up for having foolishly seen All that Jazz (blaugh - ptooey!) - even if it did give me some amazing pair dancing that I'll definitely be stealing for Nutcracker. (The Fosse movie, not the 90's Emma spoof.)

Viruses on the computer are not so nice. But virus killers are good.

And best of all...I figured out how to work the various beat accompaniaments on the keyboard just now - and so I was playing with King of Fools to a paso doble and a rhumba and a tango - and There Is No Beauty to an incongruous hip-hop and house combo - and then I stumbled on this one setting called "Serenade" which apparently only works when the accompaniament button is on - which is all to the good because....

I HAS WRITTEN ANOTHER SONG! (Jills, if you're reading this, it's the tune for the Christian/Clara song about what they each want/miss!) AND IT'S A WALTZ!!! I swear - 3/4 time will set me into a swoon. Stick it in waltz time and the wild Emily will even forego chocolate to moonstruckedly follow the music. (Hrm. Probably best not to publish my Achilles' heel. %P)

Now all I need are lyrics. I played the thing with a variety of instruments and then just had the base line going and hummed over it, then played it and tried out various lyrics as I went on. I can see the scene now! YES! Opera/ballets forever! (Or whatever this thing will eventually turn out to be.)

Actually, I plan to watch "Aranjuez" from Bearskin to see how I choreographed that for ideas for Nutcracker. Yes - I'm into obsessively watching dance to prepare for this pseudo-ballet. Oh, joy! Rapture! And canons shooting out from the middle of the stage! (I have no idea how to do that...hrm.)

And praise God for undeserved peace. That peace that surpasses all understanding. That surpasses any petty homely disorder - physical (i.e., living area) or spiritual (i.e., me). Lord, thank You. And now, Lord - give me the peace to get over those petty obstacles - those utterly vain obstacles - that lie in me that bar me from Your will! For the sake of the Kingdom, for the salvation of souls - my own, too! - what You may be asking is a mere trifle to sacrifice. But, oh Lord - it seems so large - particularly since.... But I want Your will. The spirit is willing, eh?

Anywho - off to counterbalance everything with the latest batch of laundry to be sorted. Since I've already scrubbed the heck out of the pots and pans. Ora et labora! Ha!

Mood: I trust I make myself obscure
Music: "Lightning Crashes" by Live off the Hamlet CD
Too Funny: The previous three songs on the playlist: "Breathe" "War" and "Iris" were all in 3/4. La la la!


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