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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh, sweet randominity of life last I've found yooooooooou!

  • Went to a Sean Forrest thingy today - very good, very peaceful. Concluded with a wonderful Steubie-like mass that was also extremely worshipful and...yes, serene. Praise God. A much needed retreat - all His doing, too!

  • Then took Jules to Outback for dinner (slash-lunch). Am now muchly sated. Hurrah for Bloomin' Onions and cherries in one's Diet Coke!

  • Have just spent some time looking up the original story of "The Nutcracker" and am...hrm...yes, "hrm-y." Hoffman was a weirdo and the original tale is no better than the Dumas/Tchaikovsky version, it seems. So, it's due for a re-do. Yet....

  • Where have all the good plays gone? Long time passing! Tchah.

  • I keep thinking I have school tomorrow. Yet, I don't. Wow.

  • Just finished the Wedding Scene from King of Fools (editing). Yet am strangely laconic. Hrumph.

  • Perhaps I'll call it an early night and reread Going Postal and go to bed at a decent time and get up in time for 9 a.m. mass and then actually do something with my day. Tues. am going to visit Aunt Clarisse with Mom (104 - holy cow! - Aunt Clarisse, not Mom). Then the remainder of the week is free - to edit, to grade, to take long walks (to get up the energy to do so - silly fool, out of practice!).

  • Lord, d'you mind pointing me in the right direction of next year's play? But more than anything, thank You for today. You were right - I needed this.

    Mood: More or less serene
    Music: The mental Bollywood final track from Vanity Fair
    Thought: The more I study the classic philosophers' thoughts on the nature of God, and then look at God incarnate as Jesus, the more I boggle at God.
    Quelle heur est-il? My watch has stopped. Huh.
    Et seulement pour l'amusement: Yeah!

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