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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Regarde cettes links

  • Pope Benedict XVI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fairly good article - of course it ends on all the "controversies" - but honestly, folks, look at your history. The position of the Church of God has never changed - why does anything it ever will? Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle firmly believed that God, by His very nature and therefore by definition, does not change - so, His Church's teachings about Himself and what He desires will not, either. Our understanding of Him may increase, but that's just, as Chesterton, "the dog becom[ing] doggier."

  • Reflections on the Papal Progress - delightful blurb on Jimmy Akin's site from Michelle Arnold about a "newbie" convert regarding the events of these past weeks. :)

    In other news: long HH chats are muchly needed; I'm up to the honeymoon scene in King of Fools; it's my parents' 31st today!; and I've a new 200GB external memory drive! Hoopla! Prayers for tomorrow are muchly needed - long drive down and back to Maryknoll. Prayers needed so that Grumpy Emily makes no appearance, whatsoever (we're leaving by 8 a.m.). Went for a walk with Pete tonight, at his insistance and thank God for his insistance! Utterly beautiful night - gorgeous - reminded me of the Cotswalds (sp?) in England - oh to be there tonight! Mazes and primroses and cravats and spensers were much needed! Lovely evening. Half-way through vacation already - how odd. Purchased roast whole chicken and stuff for ice cream sundaes for Mom and Dad's party.

    Am obviously in sort of dreamy lacksidasical mode - James Joyce rears his literary head once more. Very watery night - like viewing life from beneath a sun-warmed stream. One could breathe bubbles. Oh, to be a Hydoema right now! To join Deirdre on the dolphin's back! (To meet Reid. ;) Or to be near the Palais Juste, to stroll those gardens and see the grand paintings on the ceiling of the Feststaahl. I should like to be in Lumaison. And wouldn't it be loverly, as I've thought before, to be granted the ability to see the places of one's imagination? It's not enough to think of them - that's where Aristotle went wrong, supposing God to be contented with thought. One must be there. It's like what - oh, what is her name? - well, what was written about being in Austria - asked about how it was, all one can reply was "It was good." There are no words to fully encompass every moment of living - and so we have to settle for, "It was good." Oh, I am George Emerson right now! Find me a tree to yell out, "Life! Beauty! Truth!" (before toppling out into a field of bluebells, true). Frolicking through a meadow seems particularly appealing. Or running through the surf beneath a cerulean sky. This is a night of beauty - beauty - beauty! And the world will look cockeyed at me now, and wonder what ailment I have to be so in love with life. But this is just a taste of life - just a taste - and there's so much more on the other side - and I can only hope I make it. Oh Lord, bring me home, bring me home, bring me home! I want loveliness in everything - Lord please instill loveliness in me. Amen.

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    Thought: Geesh, I've been ending so many of these posts as prayers. A good thing, yes.
    Thought Redux: My many pardons, my darling sisters, for the public nature of this blog. However, one can safely say that there's nothing more for me to add here or elsewhere, tonight! :D


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