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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

OK, can it get

Too much cooler than this?!?!?!??!


Granted, we are (at the moment of this typage) still waiting to find out who, but I was choking up as I watched the bells go at long last (or at short last - phew! Quick conclave!). We have a pope! We have a pope! And one of the most wonderful things - a word which in this case means causing wonderment in your humble servant - is that a) the bells started ringing around 6 PM, the third hour for the Angelus, which made it b) 12 PM, the second hour for the Angelus, here, and just five minutes after I'd finished my rosary. This in itself is remarkable because it takes me a lot to say a rosary - sad, I know. But I've been under a rather violent, terrible attack the past thirty-six hours or so, and so I determined to pick up the best spiritual weapon this morning (thanks to the grace of God), and prayed a really, really good rosary. Praise God! Thank You! Alleluia!

Le sigh. And now we wait for the announcement. So in the nonce, I'll continue with my own job - I'm about to begin "If E'er a Maid" - worked on "Who is the Lord" until 3 AM yesterday/today. Curious that that five-minute scene took so very long to piece together, although some other scenes take almost no time at all. Ah ca. It's good though. Praise God!

Oh, tra la! To be there, right now. How magnificent would that be? Lord, bless our new Holy Father! Safeguard Your church! Amen!

Mood: Exuberent
Music: Opera Babes "Beyond Imagination"
Thought: Lord, Thy will. Amen.


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