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Saturday, December 25, 2004


The answer to all my questions comes in this:

You are the Minister of Silly Walks...Dare to be different!
You are the Minister of Silly Walks

What Monty Python Sketch Character are you?
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...and in wonderful Peters who are straightforward.

Mood: Better
Music: Soundtrack for Hero
Thought: Sllllllllllllllleepy. Praise God for silly walks. I feel the need to prance a bit.
And oh heck - why not?: Even though I was *shudder* "It's a Small World" first...sigh. I'm sure it was admitting to liking cotton candy the first time through that doomed me. Changing that yielded the following:

Indiana Jones Adventure
The Indiana Jones Adventure: An excavation of an
exotic temple promises to reveal its mysteries
until something goes terribly wrong! You are a
wild jeep ride through a vengeful ancient
temple that has been treaded upon one to many
times. Your experiences read like an action
adventure flick (could it be that you are based
on one?) and your John Williams-esk score makes
you grandiouse, purposeful, and larger than
life. Fully immersive and completely themed,
you really do give your passengers a wild ride
and work hard for their sastifaction... in fact
each trip through your caverns of fire, snake
pits, lightening illuminated ruins, and dart
filled passages is just a little different.
You are chaotic, but to the point and somehow
you bring out the noble side in everyone, the
inner Indiana Jones in every soul, even if
Disneyland couldn't secure the rights to the
likeness of Harrison Ford. Beware the Eyes of
Mara indeed.

What Disneyland attraction are you?
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