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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Nearly at the act break

And about two and a half more usable hours before I really have to put myself to sleep. When the school secretary warns one of burn-out, one ought to listen. Went home early. Took two hour nap. Still bleary eyed. Working on darnable scene - trying to figure out how to a) put in "She Left Him on the Floor" and b) Frederick's definitive moment of falling in love with Cassandra. Feel the need for a second day. Lord! Halp!

Mood: Bleary
Music: "Such Great Heights" on Flannel Collage
Prayer: William Shakepeare, Oscar Wilde and G. K. Chesterton - if you're up there, pray for me! Amen! And all other authors. Amen.
Marvelment: Read through tomorrow. T-minus 17 hours and counting.
In the words of Peanuts: Specifically, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, the "Book Report" quintet: "I'll wait til tomorrow/because I work best undre pressure/and there'll be lots of pressure if I/wait til tomorrow...." Yaaay for Peanuts! Yaaay even more for Foxtrot which had a cartoon out yesterday about the difficulty we LOTR afficiandos are suffering with the necessity of waiting for Christmas for our copies of Return of the King: Extended Edition. We wants our precious NOW! So in honor of that, I shall post these picture and say yaaaaaaaaay!


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