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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ye olde traditional montage

Is now here...(drumroll please!)...voila! A complete waste of time in the creation of a new desktop image! I give you the highly successful A Christmas Carol! Click here to see the picture. :)

In other news, I finished (finally) the dance breaks (or bits, rather) and am currently listening to the brilliant CD's made by E. Th., the amazing orchestrator, in preparation for finishing up the script for King of Fools for which *eep* auditions are tomorrow. (Out of the frying pan into the fire...?) Yeah.

I feel rather like Abraham - stranger in a strage land - no place to lay my head - still looking for a place to perform for TWO weekends.... This whole thing is utterly insane - or rather, I should say, theatre is by its very nature insane, so why not? I feel the need to quote Ursula LeGuin at length. Anywho.... Enough babbling. Time for the long-neglected bullets!

  • Elf is an amazingly funny movie. And just the thing to cheer up this particular household with some very gloomy familial members - with good reason to be gloomy. But, anyway.... Yay Elf!

  • Roxio does like me! It burnt my DVD! Yaaay! Now, I just have to figure out all the details of how else it works. Ah, that and the other software, aussi.

  • Going to put on the first CD of music for King of Fools. (Shoot - must come up with dance for tomorrow's audition.... Aaaaaaaaaugh!)

  • Penance service hopefully going forward on Tuesday. Must make phone calls tomorrow.

  • There is so stinking much to do - still. How, precious, how?

  • Hmmm, perhaps on second thought, lists are not such a good idea since they turn into "to-do" lists and one loses the Tao of Pooh, as it were, and begins getting very nervous about what's not been done. So, on that note....

  • Happy Gaudete Sunday everyone! Hrumph!

    Mood: It would be a lot easier to run around with a head.
    Music: King of Fools part deux - the first CD won't play.
    However: I've been listening to the movie version of Phantom for the past week in preparation for December 22nd baby! Yeah! Baby, yeah!


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