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Monday, November 29, 2004

What do they teach them

At these schools? Yup - it's been a while. Ich bin sehr mude (sp?). Friday is Christmas Carol - we're pretty much nearly there with everything - although my actors' energy is lowish now - but I'm hoping that being at the place with all the ansilary bits will give them the jolt they need. So...there's that.

I've had a few good ideas for blogs - and I'd've loved to have blogged them, but pretty much every moment has been filled up with something of the following:

  • Christmas Carol. And Christmas Carol. And Christmas Carol.

  • Christmas Carol video promo. Fa la la la laaaaaaaa!

  • Getting together the other DVD's and fighting with my computer over DVD-burning for various projects and.... Dumb computers.

  • Grading and giving quizzes and finishing Buddhism and being very sad that some of my students did very poorly on what should have been a no-brainer test...which means that I'll have to have them do an alternate version of identifies. *sigh* Alrighty, there we are.

  • Working on King of Fools - thank God for Sh. who gives feedback!

  • And most recently, making a top hat that we're ending up not using. *sigh* But it was an interesting exercise - I'll have to find a place to use the hideous thing. It's always good to have an extra ugly hat about.

  • Oooh! I finished the attic - or rather, made it rather better, with wunderbar Peter's help. Found several dresses that I didn't know I owned. They need ironing and washing and in one place dry cleaning - but they're possibly usable for "King of Fools." We'll see.

  • Ah yes - and in the "necessity is the mother of invention" files, I wrote a scene today to cover up Scrooge's costume change and it's looking pretty good. Bless the actors who took on extra lines.

    Oh, as always - there is much to write and this is not it at all. (That is not what I meant at all!) But all my writing has been bent towards plays - I'm finally coming to terms with the thought that I'm a playwrite as much as anything else - and all my editing towards the same (although I'm nearly done with Brigadoon - literally two scenes and the bows) - and why is it that when I come on this thing the sentence is destroyed?

    I shall leave me with this thought: turtlenecks cover a multitude of chins.

    Mood: Not quite the "What have I forgotten?! What have I forgotten?!?!" state I was in yesterday, the day before Hell week began but....
    Music: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - the movie, not the soundtrack. Yaaay for $0.99 overnight rentals!
    Thought: I am a loverly bunch of cocoanuts, diddily dee. Actually, last night I was entirely TOO full of thoughts. I could barely get myself to sleep. I started thinking about the prologue to King of Fools and then after going over some dialogue that I liked and recording it for future transcribance, my brain switched to the cover scene I wrote and gave to my actors today, and then it flit over briefly to Wallace's Will (little more than a, "Yes I think I might do that next year after all") and then from there it settled for quite a bit on revising Nutcracker possibly for next year's Holiday Stroll. Familial unit laughs at me for always putting several more things on my plate as soon as I reach hell week (that's been their phrase for several days now - oh, yes, it's hell week...well, naturally, it's hell week...ugh, yes, it's hell week). But, as perverse as it seems that I start planning for the next several plays in the very week that I'm going nuts over finishing the current one, it also makes sense - it gives me something to look forward to, it keeps me going when I'm in the dregs of this one, it distracts me from the problems I have to face, while at the same time serving as a sort of goal - and "impossible star" if you will. Right. There you go - rambling randominity. Off to bond with the shower. Oh, the glories of indoor plumbing!


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