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Sunday, December 12, 2004

And in further news

I just hopped over to Barbara Nicolosi's blog and saw her naughty and nice list and said a very naughty YES for the fact that I am not ALONE in the corner with the late Douglas Adams as we both discuss how much we "love to hear the sound of them as they swoosh past" us!

FWAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAH! The consortium of belated authors continues to thrive! (If we can get there...maybe this Saturday...if something else doesn't come up.)

Right. Off to meekly work on King of Fools.

After I get a Diet Coke. And go upstairs. And wander aimlessly for a minute and think about whether I'm actually hungry since I missed dinner. And then come back and bang my head against the screen in yet another productive session.

Hey! At least I did my work for my ACTUAL work already - printing out examinations of conscience, info on the Kurds, and other goodies. And I did up the audition form (yay for Word documents saved from other productions!) and am about to do up the character sheets.... Yeah. And I have enough workable scenes to do auditions from. So. There.

Must make up dance audition piece. May use either "I'm Going to Run Away" or "You, Wonderful You" - probably the former because it's already on CD.

Mood: Eek!
Music: "Over Me is My Love Enthroned" from, what else?, King of Fools.
Prayer: Oh, please Lord! Send me all the actors I need to make this show amazing! Amen.


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