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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Today I look like

A giant, fuzzy, yellow duckling. Yup! That's me!

Cold is receding - in my body, not the air - but the cold that is advancing (or rather, has advanced and plopped itself down on our corner of the world) has proven wonderful for getting last minute shots of snow falling for the Christmas Carol promotional video - which trailer I will post here in low-res once it's finis, and this sentence which I will end before I incur greater red-pen wrath.

Talent show next weekend. Can it be? And still so much to get together for Christmas Carol. It'll come together (it's a mystery!) - but there's tidying up bits that I need to do yet. The promo excites me, though - it's a nifty idea to have a video trailer for a play. Why don't more plays do so? (Heck, why don't plays do so? The most they bow to is the occasional taped performance and the limited Tony award rendition. Paugh.) So film is a different medium - d'accord. Use it!

My passion is spent slightly. Was upstairs singing (or torturing, your choice) to Jules such off-the-cuff songs as "You're My Highlighter" (Some highlighters are pink, some yellow, some blue/But the only highlighter I want is you!), "Ventilation Ducts" (I'm going, I'm going, I'm going through the ventilation duct to your heaaaaaaaaart!) and a Chinese Communistic song about rain droplet noises, which didn't come off as well as the other two. Mucho fun to come up with silly songs! And now, I am waning.

Which brings me to the crucial question: Where Is Finding Neverland (stinking) PLAYING?!?!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ha! Johnny! Peter! Woe! (Or our Belle exclaiming, "Oh happy day!" Odd stuff one gets when one allows students the run of a video camera.... %)

Anywho - off to answer mail. Being under the weather this week has put me off doing much that needs to be done. And - sadness - for the missed opportunity to see Mr. Dougherty's Macbeth. And - tentative joy - for the thought of a children's picture book about a girl who keeps her unicorn safely stowed within her room.

Mood: Where is that tissue box?
Music: Nicholas Nickelby - Rachel Portman Forever!
Thought: Some mark their lives with bookmarkers - some with play seasons. So my colleague was trying to remember when we first met to discuss curriculum, and after some thought I said that it was in mid-July because I was still working on Kiss Me, Kate. That's what I said, but what I thought was, "I met with him in the third week of the reign of KMK, which equals the Gregorian Calendar of mid-July." Odd, eh?


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