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Monday, October 11, 2004

Message in a Bottle

A la Sting via John Mayer is playing on my latest mix CD, "Flannel Collage" - much esoteric collegiate type acoustic grunge stuff. Tra la! (Hmmm, that last sentence doesn't match the ECTAGS image that the CD has...must work on appropriately existential version of "Tra la" in the future.)

To date, have done:

  • Video promo for the HCH Talent Show to Coldplay's "Clocks," two scenes from "Kiss Me, Kate," the beginning of the HCH Promo (with new titlecards! :) and am working on a "Midsummer Night's Dream" piece.

  • Managed to get together the retreat center. Felt rather like the time when I nearly fell off a cliff and caught myself by the smallest root before plunging into the Ohio Valley ravine. Yeah. Praise God!

  • Actually cleaned a bit of my room! Hoopla! (Ooops...better put coverlet in for another round of drying. Why is it that I keep coming back to laundry when I blog? Hrm - perhaps because this is a form of public, spiritual laundry?)

    Still have yet to do:

  • Definitively find a place for "Christmas Carol"

  • Finish grading *shakes fist at great red pen in the sky*

  • Do up list of masses, confessions, etc. for the school (can do right now, as I'm waiting for the video files to transfer over to my huge memory drive)

  • Get myself over to CompUSA to demand that they let me exchange my editing program which ended up being the exact same thing I had before! Ugh. I'll bring my laptop, too, just to prove that I uninstalled the program and really am not ripping them off. I just would like the other $100 program, please.


  • I like the new title for "Thrushbeard": King of Fools. Works much better. Only sad Sam Shepherd took "Fool for Love" from me before (silly play, too).

  • Thank God KD has taken over the mission statement presentation for tomorrow. Honestly, I don't think I could have taken one more responsibility. So, yaaay!

  • I'm not seeing my kids 'til Friday. Weird.

  • Hopefully, I'll be heading out to Steubie-U for Macbeth! Oh, frabjous day!

  • My room smells really, really good right now.

  • I'm afraid of really looking at "King of Fools." Yet, it must be edited. Not this weekend, though.

  • OK - wazzup with my DVD authoring program?!!??!?!!? AAAAAAAAAAAUGH! [English sanguinity explitive] software!

  • My annotated The DaVinci Code is *hilarious*. If I weren't loathe to lose the book myself, I'd be tempted to send my annotated version to the publisher. Bwahahahhahahaha.

    Mood: One eye on the clock, the other eye on Ireland
    Music: Happy, mellow Flannel Collage
    Thought: Lord, help me to remember that You're already there.


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