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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Silliness is:

  • Being seriously concerned over rumors that David Anders won't be as prominent in season four of Alias - GIVE ME MY SAAAAAAAARK!

  • Driving in the pouring rain an hour and a half to a RenFest that was cancelled, having lunch, and driving back.

  • And back to Alias - what's with killing Lauren? I mean, c'mon - that was a great plot thread. Is this just so we won't see more Sark?

  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Comic Book Goodness.

  • Having deprived myself of much needed sleep this weekend. Fortunately, I've finished season three of Alias, so I'll only have the excuse of late-night reading....

  • Writing more and more in The Natural Son. Hoopla for ghost stories! Now if only it wasn't sounding so Regency and would slip into early Victorian....

  • And, yeah, why are people complaining about season three of Alias? Honestly - it was the best of all the seasons thus far! Perhaps the season needs to be seen as one 20-hour film for full impact.

  • God bless the folks caught in these hurricanes. It makes my grousing at the gloomy sky irrelevant.

  • Hrumph - cliffhangers for seasons one and two were better than the end of season three of Alias. But that's what happens when folk leak information and endings have to be scrapped.

  • Did I mention Alias goodness?

  • Must sleep. Must turn over laundry. Must remember to take out contacts. Must not do so in order listed.

    Mood: Fractal
    Music: Alias from another room - familial unit watching, lagging several disks behind me
    Thought: Only a week now. I'm so unprepared. Lord, I seriously would not mind out, some days.


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