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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Note to self:

For future reference, if I am having difficulty getting up the energy for a play, if I am not yet excited about a play, if in fact I am so stressed I can't see the play for the rehearsals, schedule the best scene early. Yes - I am muchly more serene and actually excited and a bit dreamy over today's rehearsal of my favorite scene. I felt finally: "Ah! This bit works! The rest may be eh-ish, or good-ish or bad-ish or whoknowswhat-ish...but this is good."

Given the gift of serenity towards the end of today, praise God. Have secured cell phone for tomorrow so that I can firm up the last of my admin. stuff (gah). Still not enough hours in the day. Praise God - we get through.

Anywho, off to do more work and then to do a bit of editing for the Open House next week. Aie!

Mood: Stressed but mostly sedated
Music: Garden State - but where is "Beauty in the Breakdown"!??!?!
Prayer: Theatre in England, God! Theatre in England!
Far More Important Prayer: God bless Jay and keep him safe, God! Amen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey -

Glad Kiss Me Kate went well. That was me that signed in the blog a couple of times. Didn't think it was working the first time, so I sent once or twice - Seemed like it took a couple of days to get to you. Ah well - Get some rest!
Will check in on pictures... What will you do next summer??
Tyler Dermot

9:37 PM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

I really don't know - perhaps I'll do a show, perhaps I'll actually take a break - or maybe I'll hop over to Ireland to visit distant relatives (an actual possibility).

9:33 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Isn't the Garden State soundtrack one of the greatest things you've ever heard? Makes me so happy to listen to it...

3:18 PM  

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