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Sunday, October 03, 2004

We Now Return You

To your regularly scheduled madness.

Some folks have quarterly charity drives. I have quarterly charity drives for my directorial self-esteem. When it comes to my work, my ego is barely hanging onto the ledge. It would love to be inflated - but it's even more concerned with not looking down at the chasm beneath it. So, to help boost my ego's morale, if not actually lend it a helping hand, I find it helpful to review old tapes and say: "See, little ego! It's only a wee drop! It's not so bad! Remember that last time when you fell and landed softly thanks to the millions of vindictive coathangers in your way? Yeah! Or howsabout the time you didn't hit any audience members at all when you fell! Or what about squishing all those inflated-ego actors - yaaay!"

Some folk have homecoming. I have "whereshoming?"

Anywho. Enough of this goobletigook. Applied for Yale's application. Have decided to forego looking at their Playwriting app - only going for directing. Just another thing to make my ego's white-knuckled fingers what are holding onto dear life on the jagged edge of reason just a tad more slippery. Insert your own pun about a bad ego trip here.

Mood: Go to sleep, you nummy!
Music: Has been Loreena McKennit's A Winter's Garden for-evah. Trying to get in the Christmas mood to finish off the final polishes on the script for Monday. AAAAAAAAAAAUGH!
Thought: Monday. Monday! (Hold on, l'il buddy! The skipper'll be here any minute!)
Just Finished: Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett. Aaaaaaaah - bathe in Pratchettisms. Feel the world becoming wonderful through the lens of Vimes....


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