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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Because what's Christmas without a little...murder? And for the record, I just said I wanted to direct - they chose the play! Boy, am I ever in the mood to direct a comedy....

We only had four hours of rehearsal total - one night at two hours, another at one, and a one hour "dress." Then performance - woot! It was really incredible to work with such skilled and agile actors. But at the same time, I really missed the bonding. Fortunately, at the talk back everyone was discussing the deeper philosophical ramifications of the scene - which discussion is what I think art ought to inspire - but no one seemed to acknowledge the director's role in bringing that philosophical world to the process - which is fine; but is another note of "Huh?" in my on-going quest to find out what a professional director actually does (or is expected to do). Regardless, enjoy!

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Thought: Yeah, so I had fun with title cards here!


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