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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fights! Death! Freaking out the audience!

So, in editing Romeo and Juliet, I've realized that I use quite a few more "Theatre of Creulty" techniques on a regular basis than I had ever thought. I lurve me sitting on the audience, going through it, over it, under it, making them cheer, making them boo, giving them stuff, taking it away, asking their opinion, talking right at them, making them smell fake flowers, etc. etc. etc. I love beginning a show without telling anyone - and taking an intermission the same way, too. I love coming back from intermission with everyone in a scramble - rather than the wide-eyed bovine settling in to another hour that'll be pretty much the same as the first - no matter how good or bad the first was. I love keeping the audience on its toes - it keeps a show on its toes, and it makes theatre theatrical.

So, in the wide world of bullet points:

  • Saw Twilight today - because if there were bits that were yummy escapism, I could use that, and for the overwhelming bits which were just silly, I could laugh at them. Which I did. But not too loudly for fear of the fangirls. But oh, Robert Pattinson (is it?) shouldn't have done his best Marlon Brando version of American accents. He lost ALL his range and kept his voice between three notes. Yuck. And the girl seems to use no more than three of her vocal notes regularly, too. And occasionally the cinematographer liked to just go wild on shooting a bunch of foliage, which the editor lovingly kept at the end of scenes despite the scene being definitely over. LOTS of shots of poor Edward's eyes, too. It was...kinda silly. Leaves me with no desire to read the books, but an overwhelming desire to write Sable Valentine.

  • But I'm not doing that right now! Because instead my time is full up of having Our Town close two weeks ago (went very, very well, yay God), having audition workshop for Once Upon a Mattress this past Tuesday with auditions this upcoming Tuesday, that same past Tuesday booking it down to MIT for an interview to direct their Shakespeare Ensemble (which I will find out if I have an offer by next Wednesday), circling around Cupid and Psyche which is waaay overdue to Brenda, sometimes playing Beatrice from Much Ado in my Shakespeare class, and pulling together the strings for my senior thesis which is scaring the...poot...out of me. Oh, and I have to finish or in some wise move forward the writing/composing of The Steadfast Tin Soldier one-act opera for Bob's class - but I'll do what I can and see how it goes. And I have a dramaturgy project on allegiances in Much Ado due in...two weeks? I hope?, in looking at that (and knowing what other stuff I cram into here and there - voice lessons, journalling, drives, friends, editing Romeo and Juliet, and a bunch of useless TV)...I guess I am busier than I thought! So...that's good? Huh.

  • Speaking of R&J, the Wedding Scene through to Mercutio's Death. The DVD is shaping up very well and I'm thrilled to be half-way through with the editing now! Possibly I will have it done in time for the Gaudete annual Christmas Party! Voila.

    Mood: Trying to be sleepy. I really just want to edit Tybalt's death, but I'm holding off for, y'know, Thanksgiving.
    Music: Mental "Mad World" a la Tybalt's death!
    Thought: I do get why Twilight is so popular - dangerous but not too dangerous guy, totally obsessed with one woman - the sort of dangerous-safe uber-monogamist - whose idea of a great smexy night is lying side by side totally clothed protecting you while you sleep. Oh, and he has diamond skin. I get it, I get it. It just still makes me laugh.


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