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Sunday, June 29, 2008

On deadlines, challenges, and confession

  • Happy feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, everyone! Because Jules was away this weekend, I found myself cantoring for both the 9 and 11 - yikes. Both for the double-whammy and the earliness of the hour. Esp. for singing. Counteracted peanut-butter toast w/ a huge mug of tea. Huge.Mug. Fortunately, I actually ended up being in good voice - more for the first than the second - partially due to running home betwixt for the end of a quick sets production meeting, partially due to rising humidity, and partly to do w/ a very nice lady sitting up in the choir loft for the 11 for the first half of mass AND SINGING ALONG. IN THE PEW BEHIND ME. Whole choir loft. Right behind me. I'm really wondering if I'm slightly OCD or something....

  • BUT! The best thing was that Fr. Ignacio comes out at the end of the 11 and as calm as you please sets himself up on the altar to offer confessions! (Cannot WAIT for confessionals to be put in.) So I get to go when I wasn't able to, and I just love that man, living saint, in persona Christi from every pore.

  • Actually, in listening to the sermons today - Fr. Mike then Fr. Dave - I was struck with a loss for being able to catechise freely. I miss teaching theology.

  • Went out to see Wanted w/ Brenda on Friday night. Utterly silly movie, but so nice to be w/ Brenda. Exploding peanut butter rats binary names of doom in your cotton shorts and all. Did realize that a) this is how all my boys want to see themselves and b) I don't want R&J to glorify violence like the movie (& so many other things) do.

  • More importantly, though, Brenda commissioned a play from me: a new adaptation of Cupid and Psyche. V. excited. I think a good portion of it may be in blank verse. Am intertwining it w/ Venus and Adonis...although I think I'm going to go w/ all Greek names. Ten characters so far - evenly split male/female. Outlined two acts today in what I think will be a four act play. Looking to keep it to 1.5-2 hours. Intermission at the rapture of Psyche. Huzzah! Due Sept. 1ish. To be directed by Brenda for Spring '09 Emerson.

  • I do everything better on a deadline, even cleaning. I'm very "Charlie Brown Book Report" that way.

    Mood: Pas mal. A little off-center due to napping and not having enough demands made on me. You wonder why the workaholic routine from below resonates w/ me?
    Music: Anna Ternheim's "Girl Lying Down"...but I think I'll change it soon. See the video below.
    Thought: I'm sooooooooo loving R&J. Brenda asked me what was the hardest part about directing it (she always gets right to the heart of matters) and I said the having humans in my hands. But I might add that I don't think I realized how much this particular show scared me to even get into. I knew we could do Hamlet (even if I got all super-panickey opening night), but I was very trepidatous about R&J. So...yay Will. Thanks, buddy. Love ya - and you'd SO better keep interceding for us, because theriouthly!
    Oh, and: Salome on Youtube is getting all these hits. Weird and cool.


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