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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

  • My actors need to stop injuring themselves outside of rehearsal. QED.

  • Fav. routine of last night's SYTYCD. I'm just a sucker for a story.

  • ETA: This one was the prettiest of last week's.

  • AND also ETA: How we are NOT doing our death scene, courtesy of Jeremy.

  • Cast comes off next week! My poor dehydrated fingers rejoice. I've been dreaming for the past few nights about calmly picking off all the skin from my hands and forearms - just coming off in long peels, in thick strips.... I'm beginning to wonder if I'm pulling at my cast in my sleep or something.... Yech.

  • Brenda is back in town. Oh, thank God! Friends with cars - nuthin' like it.

  • Am still thinking about this mini-musical.... The Norns or whatever. Wondering if guy is a thief? Steals her shears? Or if a musician, if he wove his life thread into his guitar strings? Or just a guy w/ no strings? Still pondering....

    Mood: Creativish
    Music: Killing Me Softly by The Fugees - which somehow fits into the Norn thing
    Thought: My eating patterns have been way off - oh drama. Messes with your eating, waking, sleeping, thinking.... You've GOT to love it, or get out.


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