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Friday, April 11, 2008

Give me an occupation, or I shall run mad

As Colonel Brandon a la Alan Rickman a la Emma Thompson so achingly said. Very true, Pooh. I have decided that a) even if I am not OCD and only Type A that b) I am still much in need of occupation(s) or I shall run mad. Must come from my Germanic/Irish background - the need to occupy and be occupied? Ba doom doom CHING! OK, people - these are the laughs.

  • English goes up next/this Wednesday. Come to Boston all ye who dare. The show looks GREAT, and clocks in at about 15 minutes.

  • Wallace's Will is coming along better than I could have dreamed. Am enjoying every second of it. Scheduling issues and all.

  • Am still collecting music for Romeo and Juliet. Have more or less settled on "Don't Stop the Music" (probably because I got to see my So You Think You Can Dance Favorites again, sans only Allison) for the first part of the dance scene in Act I. Am still debating between a few choices for the "sin from my lips" section. Choices choices choices! (Go forward a little to see the actual song.)

  • Did I mention that I got into the Shakespeare Ensemble class next semster? Ironically, we're doing Much Ado. I'm super-psyched. I mean SUPER. SUPER-de-DUPER. As in screaming, and dancing, and jumping about, and generally behaving like a muppet when I got the news. I was so loud, apparently, that my family all thought something terrible had happened. Oh, Will, Will, Will, Will - Shakey baby and I are in a committed relationship. (Hrm. Committed, as in "lovers and madmen," non? Oh, Rosalind!)

    I'm very excited to revisit the text, though. To view it through new eyes. To make different decisions, or to understand the ones I made previously. It'll be strange at first - jarring, I've no doubt - when I don't hear, let's say, Matt saying: "Oooooh! Now you strike like a blind man!" (In fact, the line might be cut!) Mostly, though, I hope I'm allowed to approach the piece as an actor. I've been desiring so much - not to "get back into acting" - I feel that I'm not a natural actor who, as Brenda said, mostly goes from job to job (in my words: begging) - but rather so that I can remember what it's like, make better choices as a director, become more sensitive to what an actor needs.

  • I'm seriously thinking about going to England after next year, Exeter to be precise, to get my MFA at this school that works with the RSC and the Globe. I've no idea how I'd pay for it (or get them to pay for me!), but I'm seriously thinking about it the way I seriously thought about Gaudete, about Emerson, about Franciscan. Which is to say, I think it'll probably happen. C'est ca.

    And now no other news, except the world is gorgeous, David Cook's voice is gorgeous, planning R&J is gorgeous, and tuna and milk is gorgeous.

    Mood: Bof.
    Music: Fangirly. Oh, Emily! What has become of you!
    Thought: V. cool dissecting R&J with Cass. Fractures in glass; surviving instead of living; our very fragile world.
    Oh! And: A few videos. Old stuff, but new to the web.

    Nutcracker: Behind the Scenes

    NEW! Peter's Denial (But Still You Loved Me)
    from 2007 Passion


    Blogger llane said...

    for some reason i thought you already had your mfa... or were in the midst of getting it now from emerson? i'm confused. but england sounds grand.

    11:11 PM  
    Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

    MA at Emerson - MFA in England! (Oh the happy memories, non?)

    11:26 PM  

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