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Sunday, February 17, 2008

JAM makes all well

Since I blog about it so rarely, I thought I'd make a quick note of something wonderful. This morning, I was having a dream that the one-act/scene I was doing for Emerson's directing class was actually a scene from The Office between Jim and Pam. In the dream, we were at some really confusing auditions - all sorts of messy - no order at all, tons of directors trying to grab actors - v. weird. Anywho, so I grab this girl I'd been eyeing as a possible candidate, and I take her over to stage right, sit on a block and say, "OK, read for Pam, I'll read for Jim. And I warn you, I'm going to play hard, so don't be afraid to throw yourself into the scene." So we start, and after a false start, I realize she's just perfect for the part of Pam (even better, I get directing ideas that I know will work because people are watching the scene and I get one moment where people around us mutter an "awww!").

Yay - I've got a dream-Pam. Then I need a Michael to come and interrupt, but I've decided that the character could be female. So I grab another girl, and it turns out to be Mindy who plays Kelly on The Office. I ask her who's her favorite character on The Office to play, and she says, unsurprisingly, Kelly, and I ask, "Well, can you read for Michael?" And she jumps at the opportunity and she's great and I'm going away laughing because how great is it that I got an actual cast member?

It then occurs to me that the girl who read for Pam looks a lot like Pam.... But I'm on a quest for a Jim - only the only fellow who I've got my eye on IS Jim in the flesh. And I look back at my Pam and it is Pam! And I realize that I'm about to direct the cast of The Office - and it's happy JAM JAM JAM!

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this video (not made by me). Happiness, Miss Piggy.

Mood: Giddily cheery! Huzzah!
Music: "Out of My League" by T. J. McCloud
Thought: So the remedy for post-playwriting appears to be 1) making posters for the plays so that one stops thinking of them as text and more as future shows and 2) a good night's sleep and 3) JAM.


Blogger llane said...

wow, okay first, your dream was brilliant. second, i. love. that. film. clip. compilation. it was weird when it came on with 'out of my league,' cuz we used to drive out to this christian coffee shop in the boonies when i was in college to hear stephen speaks performing, back when they were just a couple guys who had that one song and a little demo album (which i'm sure i still have- somewhere) with a few more songs... anyway, memories. and i still get all fluttery when i see "the kiss." ARGH. i love this show so much. okay then... ;)

2:27 PM  
Blogger Anne Pelrine said...

Awwww! That song and those clips...perfection! Dreams like that are fun. Usually, though, I'm actually reading for someone. I'm usually the actress, not the director. I guess my brain wants to be in on the action. Oh well. Whatever. Now to go work on the group paper I don't want to do.

7:03 PM  

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