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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What to get the girl who doesn't like coffee

Being a silly dyfersion, wyth no particular meaning excypt mine own eddyfication

I don't like coffee, Sam-I-Am
I do not like it, like certain eggs-and-ham
I do not like it plain and black
I do not like it with sugar packs
I do not like it with milk or cream
The flavour's enough to make me scream
Expresso makes me jittery
And lattes seem too frittery
Even a taste, I say, "No siree!
I'd rather be English! Give me tea!"

The tea I'd have is black and good
Some milk and honey, and some sugar should
Make the Earl Grey better still -
Leave the pot with endless refills!
Give me a pot, it hits the spot
A pad and pen, some time and then
I'll sip and write and think a bit
Better than your roast-blended wit.

Mood: And now, alas, to getting the place together for lessons
Music: Mental "Johanna" from Sweeney Todd. Mental and not aural only because I wore my iPod out listening to the song on repeat whilst writing in the cafe. Oh, how very Bohemian of me!
Thought: Yes, I should like to play Mrs. Lovett. Can I direct at the same time, too?


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