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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'd forgotten how grrrsome

Finding a play can be. Or at least, finding a play scene can be. Booooooo, unexpected scheduling of doom! So, being almost-OCD, I've been thinking of what scenes I'd like to do for my directing class this upcoming semester, and I've been leaning towards just condensing Antigone into 20/30 minutes, but I reread Antigone last night and I'm all like: "The only scene I'd want to do is Haemon/Creon and I want to work with female actors - booooooooooo!"

So I think, "Well, what else could I do that's like a Greek play? I could do the Anouilh version of Antigone - a distinct possibility, still, but must get said copy first. I could do Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral...except I've already done a scene from that. When I do that again, I want to do the whole play. I could do Medea, Phaedra...Salome! No no no...."

And then I think, "Well, do I really want to go dark or am I going dark because it's grad students and I can push them more? But do I want to go dark? Perhaps I want to do Wallace's Will - light, fluffy, with a dash of thoughtfulness. Mrwrm. Then I have to write said play. Wilde, perhaps. Something from his oeuvre. Moliere? Maybe? But do I want to go light, fluffy, silly? Hrm...yaaaarsh, I should like to do a sweet comedy. I mean, I'm revving up for Romeo and Juliet, I just mentally redirected Sweeney Todd, perhaps I need something breezy and airy...."

But THEN I think, "Will breezy and airy be the way to go? Again, Emily, you are taking this class to work with older actors to learn how to work with older actors and you can do breezy in your sleep! Any age can do breezy! DO YOU WANT TO DO BREEZY!??!?!?!"

And we are right back at square one. Le sigh. So instead, I will sort papers. And talk to Julie about costume design for Tamerin and Isllel. And let the question of scenes percolate in my brain.

Mood: I go back to school January 22nd? What the...? What am I supposed to do with myself?
Music: Ambient noises
Thought: Actually, Alina's all about putting in sound effects to R&J and, in listening to the movie yesterday, I was very aware of all that the Foley artists had to do and became increasingly impressed with the power of sound.


Anonymous Dent, Arthur Dent said...

So do something not from a play, but from a screenplay - like Buffy, Battlestar Galatica, the Office, Monty Python. There are plenty of sources to inspire your muse.

1:00 PM  

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