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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the second day of Christmas...

No turtledoves, thank Heavens - but a perfect 4.0 in all my classes! (How in the...?) So praise God!

Thank God as well for the opportunity to sing at Christmas Eve mass and to sing again (duet) with Jules the next morning on Christmas day.

Thank God for being able to write again (I'm 2K short of novella-length for Tamerin and Isllel which has been looooooooong in the waiting) and which, I think, is going to expand easily into novel-length. So I'll have something to send out and get myself back into publishing, which will be nice.

Thank God as well for Julies who bring one out to get sweaters and jeans that a) fit and b) are not worn through. Huzzah!

And now Jules is here to bother me and...ta!

Mood: Joyeux!
Music: Julie's exterior interior monologue
Thought: Julie will work in retail FOREVER (if she keeps tickling me)


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