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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh, yes, precious

Character is soooooooooooooo good. Yay for development, Astrid and Sarah, bread being wished, silliness abounding, and the amazingness of harmony whether four part or two. Huz-zah.

No vlog tonight. Go forth and read something instead. Something in an actual book. Oh, the concept!

Mood: Nearly wrote "moos" - I suppose that sums it up!

Music: The Book of Secrets from Loreena McKennit

Goodness is: Long talks. Mothers and sisters, and brothers turning 16 and fathers who make gingerbread houses for their daughters.

Awesomeness is: The amazingness of my HCH crew. 15 minutes flat, baby, and we'd blocked and run twice Night Before Christmas. Boo-yeah. We're good.

Craziness is: The past few days. C'est ca. Can't wait for official beginning of Thursday. Alleluia!

Amusingness is: The dream song (forget the exact name...J'ai plurai dans mes reves? Ich weiss nicht!) that I'm working on with Tambre. I just...the lyrics are so silly and sophomoric. I can't help but think of Anna Russell's take on French art song - all art, no substance. Oh, it'll sound great and I'm thrilled to be working on it - it's not tuneful, more impressionistic and expressive - y'know, art song, not aria - and the silly lyrics will sound all deep and meaningful when sung - but it's just...I'm going to have to work on this one not just as a piece of music to tackle technically, but also as a piece to tackle without giggling. (Thinking of Ryan giggling in Nutcracker rehearsals. All kudos.) All good all good. Singing is goooooood.

Tangentalness is: There's nothing quite like closing one's eyes, throwing wide a high note and letting the whole of music resonate within and around and without and above and about and through your whole body. It almost feels like some multicolored scarf or iridescent smoke thrilling out through you. It's as tangible as the soul gets, I think. Of course, after a dozen or so of those, your brain tends to feel slightly buzzed and woozy from all the oxygen getting into your cranium, but since most songs are not made of a series of ghostly ooohed out high notes, I think we can be sure of not swooning during a recital anytime soon!

Lagnappe is: Jeans. Tomorrow. Oh yes.

Second tangentalness returning to original is: Huh. Interesting story idea. What if, when one truly sang in that glorious soul-swirling way, the soul actually was slightly outside the or coursing through it and out the open mouth, and someone snatched it? Fantasy story that.... Possibly sci-fi. Folk prove the existence of the soul? Something soul vs. science? Dunno. Of course, the whole point of the soul and faith is that it isn't tangible. Perhaps that's why I'm leaning towards sci-fi - they're always trying to figure out what makes humans tick in a mechanical world. Is it memory, senses, etc. Oh, silly folk approaching from a flawed Lockian view! So, one'd have to be careful to tread correctly on theological ground whilst fictionalizing the concept...but it would be really neat to base a story on. Huh. Brain's percolating. So about drinking that soda so late at night? Mrmph.

Right right: Schlafen. Vraiment. Schlafen. Good and dort, that's me.


Anonymous The Southern Belle at Home said...

happy christmas, luv. found these and they reminded me of you.

12:05 PM  

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