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Monday, December 18, 2006

And why, I ask you

Do you insult, exult and all over the wicked? (Kinda Rosalind from As You Like It brought to you by random quote du jour.) But actually, I should perfer to know why iTunes doesn't carry Within Temptation's albums. I am forced to YouTube (high fives, Jackie and Nick) the following. Ahem. Today's vlog brought to you by "Memories" a la the music playlist over on Gaudete's corner of the infosphere.

Right, so something I've been pondering lately is the potentially detrimental effect this age of insta-communication has on ourselves. I'm not entirely certain that my current thoughts are anywhere near in right order (either definition), but it seems to me that we're so easily in communication with one another that we don't have the benefit of taking those times when we're meant to be cut off from others in order to grow. What I mean is, part of the best thing about my college experience - at home and abroad - was that I had to really pursue communication with home. Consequently, I had to cleave to those at my college for community, I had to grow as a person in independence and healthful dependence, I was in fact forced out of my comfort zone. Therefore, too, I had more joy and more to speak about with those with whom I had not been in communication for some time when I saw them again. These days, we...we exist together without ever existing together. I really can't help of think of - oh, what transcendentalist was it? Thoreau? - who asked what good the "instant communication" of the telegraph would do for us, when coupled with the newspaper. What news is there on a daily basis?

But, of course, at the same time it seems to me that Heaven would be like an eternal sleepover. It would be full of all the nothings that are the everythings. Some best moments I remember are sitting with Kristy Kubasak and brushing each other's hair and not speaking for hours on end, or driving with Jules hither and yon and taking roads not taken and listening to music or just the music in our minds, or any of the late nights with my household brothers and sisters, and yes the delight of seeing my children sprawled like lanky puppies all over the floor, and best of all those times sleeping before the Blessed Sacrament. Those still times are precious. And...I suppose that's why instant communication frustrates me. It's rather like my essential philosophical frustration with the telephone. If you are within seeing distance, why am I talking to you on the phone? (Now, naturally, if the person is not within seeing distance, that's a different matter.)

Oh, it's all silly. Break legs, Thursday's cast! Wish us broken legs for our impromptu Night Before Christmas going up Wednesday. We were assigned it Friday, had casting and pre-play and tech Saturday today at lunch, and first and final dress rehearsal tomorrow at lunch. Oyveh! By golly, though, it'll be taped on put on Seven Ages!

Mood: Scattered
Music: "Memories" from Within Temptation
Prayer: For all those ill, both those in body and in spirit. For Christmas! Alleluia! And for the ability to wake up easily early in the morning. C'est ca.
And congrats to: Meine schweister! Whose history channel documentary thingy goes up tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Civil War stuff - watch it!


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