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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I've had an elegant sufficiency

...and any more would be a superfluity! (Yay for big words to say girls' night out at Outbacks was loverly and filling in more ways than one.)


  • Attempting to finish up Hamlet for Gaudete Sunday.

  • Happy Advent everyone!

  • Boo to rain on Friday that cancels things. And boo to continuation of non-singy self. Le sigh.

  • Yay to amazing homilies at mass and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and to God's providence in all things! Alleluia!

  • It's really rather frustrating that I was able to see all manner of different Hamlets as part of my prep for Hamlet, but there's only one released Guys and Dolls and it's not really in keeping with the script and score!

  • Speaking of Guys and Dolls, there's some celestial irony going on that I'm quirking my brow at and wondering what He's up to. Anywho, alles gut, I'm sure.

  • If you wanna see class, see this:

    Mood: Tired but good
    Music: Mental "Begin the Beguine" from above
    Thought: Oh, how comfy many blankets are when piled on top of meeeee on a cold(ish) winter(esque) night! Huzzah for comforters and quilts and crochet and that thing I always call flannel but it isn't. Hurrah!
    Thought Redux: I really don't get why people get all "thing" about the "Holiday Season" and go bananas buying stuff. I'm not trying to be purposely naive - it just makes no sense for me. Buy things for your family to put around the tree, wish everyone else Merry Christmas, go to Mass, stay in PJ's, none of that in order. What's the point of "Holiday Exhaustion"? People don't really need stuff. Hrumph.


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