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Sunday, November 19, 2006


  • Simon and Garfunkle ravish the soul with poetry and orchestration.

    "Kathy, I'm lost," I said,
    Though I knew she was sleeping.
    "I'm empty and aching
    And I don't know why."
    Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
    They've all come to look for America

    Time it was and what
    A time it was
    It was
    A time of innocence
    A time of confidences
    Long ago
    It must be
    I have a photograph
    Preserve your memories
    They're all that's left you.

  • "Not a duck left" - good line. Good performances, nice set, good set changes, well-delivered with good voice and good discretion. Still doesn't change the surrealness of it - which is itself surreal since I thought it not a primary experience. Apparently it is/was. C'est ca.

  • Oh, Lord for alliance. Prayers for certain and for joy.

  • Frederico the Red Dragon and Jules are wonderful beyond compare.

  • Mums and Dads wunderschoene. Whole family, too. My thanks my thanks my love.

  • Great shows this weekend. Super fun cast party. Soooooooo very good. Lord, allow me the ability to really look at one another. Deo Gratias (sp?) for this whole wonderful community. Lord, for cherishing, amen.

  • Watching Double Soliloquy. Darn. Good.

  • Oh, Lord, for all the things happening tomorrow! Halp halp halp! Lord, You order all things. Order this as well. Amen.

  • I am reminded of Tom. God bless you, Tom, and for your calm faith in His good works.

    Mood: Late August
    Music: Mental "Old Friends" a la S&G. Ought to be....
    Lyrics desired: I'm dappled and drowsy and ready for sleep/Let the morning tide shed all its graces on me!/Life, I love you/All is groovy!


    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    some additional poetry of choice...

    "The beautiful lull, the dangerous tug
    We get to feel small from high up above
    And after a glimpse over the top
    The rest of the world becomes a gift shop"


    "His tiny knotted heart
    Well I guess it never worked to good
    The timber tore apart
    And the water gorged the wood
    You can hear the whispered prayer
    For men at masts that always lean
    That the same wind that moves her hair
    Moves her boy through Fiddler's Green"


    "In the ulcerating silence
    perspective comes
    the way it always does-for its ransom
    so randomly...somebody calls...
    the phone rings and it brings Niagara Falls
    at 3 o'clock in the morning
    'You'd better be dyin'-and you were
    -So we talked about time
    and where it went,
    unremarkable events,
    and how one day took two days
    and they got spent.
    How you'd continue, carefully by degrees
    trying to do one true beautiful thing."


    "Your smile is fading a bit so I ration it
    don't think about it
    here where the Mississippi quits
    where its still got a bit of Minnesota in it."


    And a humorous take on the eternal question of "to grammar or not to grammar"...

    "Good advice though it may be, I am choosing to ignore all of it, since I have created a personal grammar that adheres to my needs both moral and punctuational. After all, with the world in its current lamentable state, I sincerely believe that rather than WASTING commas with the rest of my fat capitalist pig brothers on frivolous consumerist sentences like these, they should be donated to the more needy, such as the chinese, who as I understand it have NO COMMAS AT ALL."

    10:25 PM  
    Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

    -So we talked about time
    and where it went,
    unremarkable events,
    and how one day took two days
    and they got spent.
    How you'd continue, carefully by degrees
    trying to do one true beautiful thing."

    Oh, Krissytina, you ravish my soul. Where is this from?

    12:11 AM  
    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    arresting and arravishing--c'est moi!

    anywho, all the quotes are from the grand canadien poet-frontman of the band the tragically hip. the rest of the lyrics can be found here--i'm not half so fond of the second verse, but set to music it's quite dreamy.

    let me recommend pulling up the lyrics for "the dire wolf" while you're wandering about. it ends up almost (not quite) sestina like...

    i was actually planning to send you a mix tape of my favorite of their songs for xmas. :-)

    1:58 AM  
    Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

    Happy day! Danke. And so where are you, darling, with the looking Northwards bit?

    10:23 AM  
    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    It's going. I've been virtualizing my portfolio, and the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking it looks like it should be done as a blog or website to make it less unruly. Grr...

    I've hopped onto the important websites, and right now I'm just looking forward to going to Cullowhee in the mountains to do the fellowship on visual journaling.

    Anywho, in the spirit of the season, I've found something you can do with your kids...

    Ciao ciao!

    3:14 PM  

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